Refreshingly Fragrant Champa Attar supplying by Kazima

Refreshingly Fragrant Champa Attar supplying by Kazima Ittar Kannauj - February 23 2017

Refreshingly Fragrant Champa Attar supplying by Kazima

Refreshingly Fragrant Champa Attar supplying by Kazima

The Champa attar is obtained from a beautiful flower known as Champaca. Its botanical name is Michelia Champaca. The flower is native to India being of a very rare species it is found only in India. The flower of the tree is believed to blossom only at night or during early dawn. The fragrance of the flowers is strong enough to spread around in the area surrounding the tree. It has a fragrance similar to Magnolia having a rich, lush and exotic aroma. It easily conjures romance by its aphrodisiac and sweet smelling fragrance due to which even the Romans used it in replication to their other costly products.

In a correctly made attar the proportion of Sandalwood to Champa is almost about equal with the sweet and spicy essence of the Champa flower is co-distilled with the soft woody aroma of sandalwood.It has the ability to blend with other high floral attars such as the genda attar and many others. The color of the champa attar ranges from light yellow to a slightly darker shade. It is constituted of champa essential oil, Indian white sandalwood essential oil and hydro distilled golden champa flowers. Due to its non-toxic nature it can be directly applied to the skin                but cannot be consumed as such.

The Champa attar is obtained by the process of steam distillation of the flowers.

Common Names

Nag Champa


The various uses of Champa attar are as given below:

  • Champa attar is used in the treatment of gonorrhea and other renal diseases as well.
  • It is useful for the diseases of the head, vertigo, headache, gout, sub-acute rheumatism and many other ailments.
  • Champa attar is employed in high class perfumery applications in order to produce a warm, unique, leafy and floral note which is very often compared to a fine grade of tea.
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