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Jasmine Attar – Ittar Suppliers, Dealers & Retailers in Kannauj

It has a fruity, complex and deep aroma with a rich tone of sweet jasmine and sandalwood. It is quite relaxing and balancing in nature. The attar is made from the jasmine flower which is also known as the king of flowers.Its botanical name is Jasminum Officinalis. This sacred flower from India has been used from a long time for its seductive fragrance as well as for its healing properties. These flowers are traditionally used in Hindu spiritual ceremonies to be offered to Lord Vishnu. Jasmine has been symbolic of nobility, purity and confidence and is very traditional.

An attar is actually prepared by a definite proportion of flowers and other aromatic herbs and plants which in this case is the Jasmine sambac flower which is also popularly used to make tea which has a base of green tea. Some countries which produce jasmine essential oil are Egypt, Morocco, China and India. It is quite expensive as a large number of flowers are required in order to produce a small amount of oil. The flowers are generally collected at night as the aroma of the jasmine is greater after dark. The oil is derived from the Jasminum grandiflorum variety of the plant.

Jasmine Attar is obtained from the flowers of the plant by steam distillation method.

Common Names

Jasmine flower essential oil, Indian White Sandalwood essential oil


The various uses of Jasmine Attar are as follows:

  • Possessing a complex, fruity and deep aroma it is ideal for the preparations of a range of perfumes for both men and women.
  • It has also found use for aromatherapy based applications due to its relaxing fragrance.
  • The jasmine attar is utilized in the development of jasmine creams and perfumes as it is known to have mood uplifting and stress releasing properties.
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