Ittar Kannauj - March 3 2017

KAZIMA Agarwood (Oudh) Attar perfume, Agarwood (Roh-al-Oud) fragrance and essential oils

The agarwood tree is an evergreen tree which grows moderately straight up to a height of about 18 to 21 meters. Its botanical name is Aquilaria Malaccensis. The Agarwood Attar has an attractive woody masculine fr...
Ittar Kannauj - February 23 2017

Refreshingly Fragrant Champa Attar supplying by Kazima

The Champa attar is obtained from a beautiful flower known as Champaca. Its botanical name is Michelia Champaca. The flower is native to India being of a very rare species it is found only in India. The flower of the tree is believed to blossom only at night or during early dawn. The fragrance of th...
Ittar Kannauj - February 22 2017

Kazima Natural Rose Attar – Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India

The extracts of the rose have been of great importance for almost over 2000 years for reviving, rejuvenating and healing the mind, body and spirit. The rose has been respected as a cherished healing herb. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used it for the treatment of migraine, headaches and ophthalmi...
Ittar Kannauj - February 20 2017

Jasmine Attar – Ittar Suppliers, Dealers & Retailers in Kannauj

It has a fruity, complex and deep aroma with a rich tone of sweet jasmine and sandalwood. It is quite relaxing and balancing in nature. The attar is made from the jasmine flower which is also known as the king of flowers.Its botanical name is Jasminum Officinalis. This sacred flower from India has b...